Series 6, Vulva Diversity Art

Series 6 is the first series of vulva pies made from reference photos submitted to me! I was very nervous to ask for model participation. In fact, I have been avoiding it since I started the project.

Instead, I spent hours scouring the internet for copyright free and limited use images so that I wouldn’t have to find real models. Now I think I was being a little ridiculous, but I had never sent or received a genital pic before! It was scary.

Lucky me, my models were very generous and kind. In fact, there were a few who actually reached out to me several time since the beginning of the project, asking if they could model. They were all patient with me and encouraged me to take my time and let me know when I was ready.

The finished series!

9 vulva pies on black background. Each pie has a different, diverse vulva and pubic hair style.

Each vulva is hand painted using Edible Artist Oil Paints. After experimenting a few times, I felt like that was going to be the only way to capture the beauty of each one. They became so realistic that I then needed the traditional pie dough borders to bring us back to the reality that we are looking at real pies.

I was very happy with the contrast. The only real trouble I had was with the pubic hair, I reworked and struggled with how to make it work best and settled for hand rolling each coil of pie dough individually and attaching them one at a time.

Series 6 Pies in the Window: Pie 55, Pie 56, Pie 57, Pie 58, Pie 59, Pie 60, Pie 61, Pie 62, Pie 63

9 baked vulva pies on black background. Each pie has a different, diverse vulva and pubic hair style.

Models needed

This series was such a success that I’m going to keep the model submissions open! I need 30 more models to make it to 99 by the end of 2023. If you know anyone, OR if you would like to model, please check out the link here: MODEL PAGE

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