Pie 56

A vulva pie on a black background. The pie has brown pubic hair and is surrounded my pie crust hearts. The vulva art is painted to look like a realistic vulva.

Series 6, Pie 56
4″ Cherry Pie
Hand sculpted, hand painted vulva art surrounded with pie crust hearts

This pie was made from a submitted photograph from Joey St Clair. I love that she is so confident about who she is and the love she has for her body. She also takes the time to lift up and empower others, without shame or judgement.

She shared these insightful words with her image:

“I’m an escort and this vulva has been through it all with me. We have a deep understanding, we talk, we compliment each other and care for each other. People get so judgmental about what I do with my Pussy- but all I do is spread love and tenderness to so many people who need it. The experiences in this job have made me a kinder, more open minded and compassionate human. I get to cross paths and learn from SO many different people, and I feel lucky every day!”

If you would consider being a model and adding to the gallery, please, read more about it here.

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