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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Why do you need models? More than half of the world is made of vulva owners, but we are poorly educated about the beauty and diversity of the vulva. Size, shape, texture, and colors are all as unique as we are yet we typically only see the triangle shaped, innie type vulva in the media. The more we have access to seeing normal bodies of all ages, weights, skin pigmentation, and personal stylings, the more we can embrace our own unique way of being.
    2. Can I participate if I have a penis? No, I’m sorry this project is only about vulvas.
    3. Does it cost me anything? No, it is free to be a model.
    4. Are you sure that you will use my photos to make art? As long as the photos I receive are a quality I can work with, I will use them to make art. If there is a problem, I will let you know so that you can resubmit. I can only use photos submitted through the official form.
    5. What will I get for participating? I will send you a digital copy of the raw and baked pies for your personal use.
    6. Will I get a pie or dessert? No, I’m sorry, the pie isn’t made to endure shipping or have a long shelf life.
    7. Who will see my submitted photos? Only I will see your images and they will only be viewed in order to make the art. I will never share your images.
    8. Can I remain anonymous? Yes, you can remain anonymous.
    9. Do I have to remain anonymous? No. In the submission process you will have to clearly state what name or social media handle you would like listed with the art.
    10. Can I sell reproduced images of the finished art? No, I will own all rights to the art and you will remain the owner of the photos.
    11. How long will it take you to finish the art made from my photos? I work in series and the series usually have a multiples of 3-15 images. After I complete a whole series, I publish on my website and on my social media accounts. You will be notified when I am working on a series that your images will be included in and when I publish them, but you can expect it to take anywhere from 3- 6 months from start to publish.