Pie 55

Unbaked hand painted pie on a black background. In the center of the pie is a hand sculpted pie vulva surrounded by pie crust daisies. The Clitoral hood is pierced

Series 6, Pie 55
4″ Cherry Pie
Hand sculpted, hand painted vulva art surrounded with cut and cut hand sculpted pie crust flowers

This pie is the first one made from a submitted photograph. @Bikini.Wife was gracious enough to submit a photo so that she could see herself as a pie. If you would like to add to the pie gallery, you can submit your photos here –> Model Submission Page

Text from the Instagram Post

(See post here) This series is very special to me. It is the first series of pies made from models’ photographs submitted on my website.

Since the first pie back in 2021, there have been questions about who they are, if I could do commissions, and could I make them from a photos, etc. But it took me a VERY long time to open to the idea or feel comfortable receiving the images.

I am so glad I did. Being able to honor the beauty and diversity in each of these images has pushed me creatively and I feel extremely thankful to be able to make these portraits and have you here to witness them with me.

Pie 55 was made from a reference photo from

She reached out to me a long time ago about collaborating on a reference photo and was so gracious in waiting for me to figure out the details. She was also very kind and supportive and I appreciate her for that! In fact, I credit her with nudging me to actually put up the submission form and quit procrastinating when I was so anxious.

This is a 4- inch, hand sculpted, made from scratch cherry pie. The coloring comes from edible paint and the piercing is a dragee.

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Baked pie on black background, the pie is decorated with pie crust flowers and a pie crust vulva made in a very realist fashion.

I was so happy with the way the baked pie turned out! The edible paints bake beautifully without losing any of their color!

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