Pie 59

A pie with vulva pie crust art on a black background.

Series 6, Pie 59
4″ Cherry Pie
Hand sculpted, hand painted vulva art surrounded with a pie crust braid and roses

This pie was created using a reference photo from HannHannBee/ @mongrel_breed101 – It was my pleasure to be able to create this portrait and collaborate with her in this way.

She wanted you all to know that she is a Mum of 6 🖤

Although she didn’t speak about this with me personally, it touched me as a mother of 4. I have a deep understanding of what it’s like to go through all of the physical and hormonal transitions of bringing children into the world. Plus, the insecurities ignited by these changes can be very hard to cope with in our beauty and weight obsessed world. 

The last thing we need is added pressure about how our vulvas are going appear.  It’s a common misconception that you can tell by the appearance of the labia and the size of the vaginal opening whether or not a person is a virgin, sexually active, or if they have given birth. 

Vagina’s don’t get looser from more sex. The size of ones labia does not indicate how often a person is active.

Bodies do change after childbirth, but what one person experiences may not be what another person experiences. It could take anywhere from 12 weeks to 15 months for the body to heal after birth, and that is also a personal journey that depends on so many factors. 

As I believe this sculpture demonstrates beautifully, our vaginas and vulvas are incredibly resilient! 

This is a 4″ cherry pie, with hand sculpted pie dough, painted with edible paints. 

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A baked pie with vulva pie crust art on a black background.

Model for Pies in the Window

This project wouldn’t be possible without the lovely people who share their stories and images with me and I cannot thank them enough for participating.

If you would like to be a model and add to the beautiful vulva pie gallery, please, read more about it here.

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