Pie 62

Mini-pie on a black background decorated with hand sculpted, hand painted vulva art surrounded with spiral border

Series 6, Pie 62
4″ Cherry Pie
Hand sculpted, hand painted vulva art surrounded with spiral border

The reference photo was submitted via my website model page. I am honored that she allowed me to use her photo to create this art to share with you.

“Naked bodies were forbidden in my house growing up. Once, as a child, I walked in on my mother changing her bra. She quickly covered up and told me to leave. Even as I started menstruating, she handed me a sanitary belt and pads – I figured it out from the packaging.

As a teenager, my visual references for genitalia came from “classic” adult films like “In the Realm of the Senses”- I felt no embarrassment. However, I never took a focused look at my own vulva in a mirror- not in puberty, not during my first sexual explorations, not even before, during or after birthing a baby, until I was into middle age. By then I had read quite a bit about exploring one’s body, the idea that every vulva was as unique as a thumbprint, that every body was beautiful.

Discovering the term “anasyrma” – the act of displaying a vulva for show of power, connection to rituals, fertility, reminder of life origin and the erotic, I found connections to rituals, mythology, art and architecture Inspired as a visual artist I began to work in clay, incorporating vulvas into teapots, vessels, bowls, sculptures and creating small shrines to the power of the vulva.” ~ @karen.karuza

Model for Pies in the Window

This project wouldn’t be possible without the lovely people who share their stories and images with me and I cannot thank them enough for participating.

If you would like to be a model and add to the beautiful vulva pie gallery, please, read more about it here.

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