Pie 65

Unbaked vulva pie on a black background. The pie art features a realistic vulva painted with edible paint.

Series 7, Pie 65
4″ Blueberry pie
Hand sculpted, hand painted vulva art surrounded with cut and cut hand sculpted pie crust decorations

Original text from Instagram featuring the model’s story:

Made in collaboration with a model who wishes to remain anonymous, but shared part of their story and reason for participating. Here are their original words:

“When I was 8 or 9, my mother gave me a picture book called “How Babies Are Made” – her version of “The Talk.” It got the general idea across, but left out a lot of important details, such as basic female anatomy. Lacking other resources, I tried to extrapolate on what the pictures in the book had shown me by drawing pictures of my own – I eventually was caught doing this in math class, and my teacher, who already hated me, thereafter treated me like a sex offender. I felt guilty and angry at the same time, sensing I’d done nothing wrong, but unable to properly articulate why I’d done it. The road to self-discovery and acceptance from there was a long one. I didn’t figure out that I had a vagina until I was 13, or have the first inkling about my clitoris until I was 19, with one very anticlimactic sexual relationship already behind me. I wish I’d had a trusted female figure in my life then to answer questions, help me see that there was nothing shameful or ugly about the part of my body that gave me both the power to create life and the ability to experience physical ecstasy. Maybe the best thing about getting older has been the steady deepening of my understanding of my corporeal self. I still don’t have her entirely figured out, but I’m getting there.”

This story resonates with so many of us! ❤😢

If you would like to participate as a model for Pies in the Window, I welcome you to visit the model page link in my profile! I would like to finish 99 pies by the end of 2023.


Baked vulva pie on a black background. The pie art features a realistic vulva painted with edible paint.

Model for Pies in the Window

This project wouldn’t be possible without the lovely people who share their stories and images with me and I cannot thank them enough for participating.

If you would like to submit a photo and become part of the Pies in the Window Project, please check out the Model Submission Page.

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