Pie 32

Pie crust design that looks like a vulva   with darker inner labia to demonstrate vulva diversity

Series 3/ Pie 32

4″ Peach Pie

Made from scratch with all butter crust

Hand sculpted pie crust art, colored with natural cocoa, extra brute cocoa, and freeze dried strawberries

Original Text from the Instagram Post:

Pie number 32

It’s delightful how much the pastry resembles skin. These beautiful colors were made by substituting some of the flour in the pie crust recipes for dark cocoa and brute cocoa. (Smells amazing too!)

It’s normal for inner labia to be darker in color than the labia majora and it even changes over time, but many vulva owners get concerned when they notice changes in pigmentation.

Please self examine regularly and ask your care provider if you get concerned.

Speaking of care providers, yours should make you feel welcome and heard. I know sometimes healthcare options are limited and it’s hard to find compassionate care. 😞

I just want you to know that you are worth caring for, please pushing for the care you deserve.


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