Tart 6

A French Chocolate Orange tart on a black background. A hand sculpted vulva art made of chocolate sits in the center of the tart with piped whipped cream surrounding the vulva.

6″ Classic French Chocolate Orange Tart with piped Chantilly cream

Crust is pâte sucrée

Hand sculpted modeling chocolate vulva painted with Edible Artist’s Oil Paints

This vulva tart is part of the 5th series I’ve created using vulvas on desserts exploring vulva diversity and the objectification of the vulva.

Original Text from the Instagram Post:

“Unless you are a professional, you will find the tart to be a high-maintenance whistle blower of a pastry.” ~ Sloane Crosley

I don’t think there could be a more perfect quote to finish this tart series.

Being high-maintenance is either a badge of honor or a thing we fight to prove we aren’t. Being labeled high-maintenance is a way to insult any standards considered too high or knock us down a peg.

There’s a goldilocks zone of maintenance that I am sure we are supposed to fall in to, but it’s a magical place that is dictated by how pleased society is with our level of self-care and lifestyle.

I think on some level it keeps us judging ourselves instead of reflecting on what we really like, want, and enjoy in our lives. We always end up in some construct instead of just getting to exist comfortably.

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