Tart 4

A French Chocolate Orange tart on a black background. A hand sculpted vulva art made of chocolate sits in the center of the tart with piped whipped cream surrounding the vulva.

6″ Classic French Chocolate Orange Tart with piped Chantilly cream

Crust is pâte sucrée

Hand sculpted modeling chocolate vulva painted with Edible Artist’s Oil Paints

This vulva tart is part of the 5th series I’ve created using vulvas on desserts exploring vulva diversity and the objectification of the vulva.

Original Text from the Instagram Post:

Changes in color are usually homone related. The labia may grow larger or the colors darken with age or developmental stages.

Variety is beautiful and eveyrone is a little different. Pinks, reds, grays, and deep browns are all normal variations.

If you see a lesion or spot that has appeared over time, or something that you are concerned about, please get it checked by a health professional.

Tart 4 is a Classic French Chocolate Orange Tart with piped Chantily Cream. The vulva art is hand sculpted modeling chocolate, painted with edible paints.


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