Pie 71

A cherry pie on a black background. The pie art depics a pink vulva

Pie 71

4″ Cherry Pie

Hand sculpted vulva art, hand painted with edible paints

Original text from Instagram here:

Pie 71 was made in collaboration with Sonia de Luna. Here are her beautiful and powerful words:

Sonia de Luna

As a woman who has endured the pains of this womanhood – a body assaulted

my sex

my heart

my self

abused, misused, squandered, and left for dead….

I modeled for this artwork as the final touches of my rite of self reclamation

A clear and absolute declaration

Of self love.

I’d no longer wait for someone to see me.

to fix me

to heal me

to pick me

It was never their job


I had waited….for a long time,

I waited in the shadows and dark corners for someone to do those things

Until I realized this was my job

I finally saw myself.

In all my glory and gore.

The good the bad the ugly

the obscene

And the pristine

The demon

The saint

The beautiful mess

The possibility

Where my imperfections were flawless

And I was worthy of my own love

And I fixed me

And I healed me

And I picked me.

I am my own

infinite love

I am own woman

My body runneth over

I drip and gush

I bleed and blush


And I’m damn tasty too.

Best freakin moon pie.

Says I.

She has been supporting my art and encouraging me from the very beginning of this project. When we started planning this, she was involved in so many big projects, and making a film featuring her dance and the beauty of nature. Now, she’s faced with a long healing journey to be able to dance again and has a GoFundMe to help her endure the months ahead where she cannot earn income as a professional dancer. The link is in my story highlights on my profile page. Please help if you can- any amount will be deeply appreciated. (Here is the LINK to Sonia’s GoFundMe for you visiting my website)

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Baked Pie on a black background. The pie art depics a pink vulva

Model for Pies in the Window

This project wouldn’t be possible without the lovely people who share their stories and images with me and I cannot thank them enough for participating.

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