Pie 69

Unbaked pie decorated with hand-sculpted vulva art on a black background

Pie 69

4″ Cherry Pie

Hand sculpted vulva art, hand painted with edible paints

Original text from Instagram:

This art was made in collaboration with the wildly talented body positivity artist Feminae

She graciously submitted her photo for my to use in creating my art and I have to say that she has been one of the most kind and supportive people to me since I began this Pies in the Window journey.

Here is what she wanted to share with you:

“I think that sharing real world vulva diversity is so important and valuable for everyone involved – whether you’re a vulva owner yourself, or not! Normalising vulva diversity will never not be important. It demonstrated that humans are unique and diverse, and no one deserves ti be negatively judged for the way their genitals look! Growing up I felt so much shame around my vulva. I thought she was “deformed” and “wrong”. It was only after seeing a range of vulva diversity projects online (some of which I’ve also participated in!) that I was able to accept that she is in fact, very natural and normal. And I think that theres a lot of beauty and power in body acceptance! ❤️”

I have been so fortunate to have other artists in this space reach out to me and commiserate with me through the censorship and everything else that we have in common in making art of this nature. Thank you for being here with me!

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Baked pie decorated with hand-sculpted vulva art on a black background

Model for Pies in the Window

This project wouldn’t be possible without the lovely people who share their stories and images with me and I cannot thank them enough for participating.

If you would like to submit a photo and become part of the Pies in the Window Project, please check out the Model Submission Page.

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