Pie 47

Hand sculpted pie crust art with pie crust vulva surrounded by a wreath of pie crust lilies on a black background. The clitoral hood appears pierced with gold dragees

Series 5, Pie 47

6″ Blueberry Pie

Hand sculpted vulva art surrounded with cut and hand sculpted pie crust lilies

The piercing was made with 4mm gold dragees (made of sugar)

Baked vulva pie 47 with hand pie crust vulva and pie crust lilies surrounding the vulva
Baked Pie 47

Original Text from the Instagram Post:

Pie 47

I love the similarities in the organic shapes and, of course, the flaky layers of symbolism with flowers.

“Lilies have long been associated with love, devotion, purity and fertility. The sweet and innocent beauty of the flower has ensured it remains tied to the ideas of fresh new life and rebirth.” (https://bit.ly/3ERlbNG)

“In Greek mythology, the Lily was the flower of Hera, wife of Zeus. The legends have it that the lily was formed from the milk of her breast. However, in Roman mythology, Venus, the Goddess of beauty was so jealous of the flower’s white loveliness that she caused the pistil to grow from its center. The lily flower was considered sacred in the Minoan civilization where lilies were found in pictures in a villa in Crete.” (https://bit.ly/3rVBMe7)

6″ Blueberry Pie
Hand sculpted pie crust lilies and vulva
Gold dragees were used for the piercing


Baked Pie 47

Baking a pie with this many details can be a scary thing. The edges and raised areas always bake faster than the recessed areas.

It becomes this dance of me trying to force the bake to do what I want while the the oven tries to prove that it is the boss.

This one ended with me yielding first. I think I could have pushed for a little more, but the oven was starting to laugh at me.


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