Pie 27

Pie 27, a pie sculpted to look like a vulva with natural food coloring to make the labia majora look pink

Series 3/ Pie 27

4″ Peach Pie

Made from scratch with all butter crust

Hand sculpted pie crust art, colored with freeze dried strawberries

Original Text from the Instagram Post:

Pie number 27

It’s a sensitive topic and a sensitive area.

Vulvar skin color is so diverse that you have to know your own body to know what is normal for you.

Please examine yourself monthly and find good medical care if you’re able.

A good doctor or clinician can and will answer all of your questions without making you feel rushed, shamed, dumb, or repulsive.

Please advocate for yourself. Ask questions, get a good mirror, and don’t ignore any signs your body is giving that there might be a problem. You ARE worth it. 💕

This 4” mini peach pie is made from scratch with all butter crust and freeze dried strawberry powder used for coloration.