Banned Pie 26

A vulva pie with a content removed bar across the inner labia

Series 3/ Pie 26

4″ Peach Pie

Made from scratch with all butter crust

Hand sculpted pie crust art, colored with natural cocoa, extra brute cocoa, and freeze dried strawberries

Vulva Pie Censorship on Instagram

On August 15, 2021, I received a notice from Instagram that I violated their terms of use and my content had been removed. Really, I was expecting to have this issue before now, but it really surprised me it happened so quickly after posting a representation of a Black vulva.

It’s hard to deny or not call flat out racism. Pie 25 was Latinx and went by just fine. All previous pies were “wheat” colored and therefore devoid of racial identity, but they banned this Black and beautiful pie less than 20 hours after posting.

I have asked for a review of the content and they may reinstate it, but until then, you can see it in all of its glory right here.

Original Text from the Instagram Post:

Pie number 26 was removed by Instagram and is under content review. Page two is the Instagram policies on nudity in art. (See the whole pie on my website 🖤)

This is pastry crust, it’s a sculpture, no real nudes were baked into a pie.

I think it’s also a serious point to consider that my first removed art was Black.

I love this community. Thank you for all of your comments and conversation, messages and support.


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