Cake 1

A hand sculpted cake covered in white modeling chocolate that looks like a statue of realistic breasts

6 inch 4 layer buttermilk cake with Swiss meringue buttercream

Hand sculpted, covered with modeling chocolate

Original Text from the Instagram Post:

I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake!

So many hot-button issues baked into this cake. From coming of age to healthcare, censorship to body acceptance, any of these conversations are necessary and relevant.

I saw a drawing on Instagram (so sad I didn’t save it or make a note on where 😞) of a woman standing and her body had slices removed. The removed pieces were laying on the ground next to her (I think… my memory may be wrong.)

I identified so strongly with that piece that it showed up in my work.

Each life stage has brought me a different relationship with this part of myself. Have you experienced this type of shift over time?

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The cake is a hand sculpted, 6 inch 4 layer white cake with Swiss meringue buttercream, covered in white modeling chocolate.

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