Pie 84

Made from scratch vulva pie on black background.

Pie 84

6″ Cherry Pie

Hand sculpted vulva art, hand painted with edible paints

This Pie is the frontal view of Pie 81, made in collaboration with Enya from Fruit of the Womb Art  @fruitofthewomb_art. She is an extremely talented artist and it was beyond generous as to let me make art in her image.

Here is what she said about her art: “I celebrate vulvas with my own art form of pottery, I love that doing this will help show the diversity and beauty of different vulvas.”

If you haven’t seen her work or follow her account @fruitofthewomb_art yet, please do! I am certain you will love her art as much as I do! You can also own some of her amazing art for your very own, here’s a link to her shop: https://www.fruitofthewombpottery.com/

As we come to the end Women’s History Month in the United States, I encourage you learn about the erasure of women’s history and our contributions to societal progress. A Google search will give you a quick insight and plenty of leads to start your own investigation, but it goes back as far as recorded history with our great works and contributions being attributed to men, ignored, and dismissed. Erasure has happened in art, music, literature, political movements, science, religion, even historic property ownership! It’s astounding and enraging, but it’s also empowering.

“Women’s History Month ought to be an opportunity to not just recognize women’s struggles and achievements but also actively challenge the culture and systems that make such achievements a struggle in the first place.” – Ashley Nguyen, “Let’s Rethink Women’s History Month” : The Daily Trojan (University of Southern California’s student led newspaper), March 9, 2022.

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Made from scratch vulva pie on black background.

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