Pie 82

A made from scratch pie with hand sculpted vulva art on a black background

Pie 82

6″ Cherry Pie

Hand sculpted vulva art, hand painted with edible paints

Original from the Instagram post:

Happy Pi Day (3.14) to you all! I hope you’re eating lots of pie and loving every bite!

Pie 82 is the frontal view of the reclining Pie 79

Each Pie is made from scratch and completely edible. You can see the baked versions by visiting my website and clicking on the pie in “The Window.” 🥧

Here are the words that the model shared with her submission (also shared on Pie 79- (this time I’m going to experiment and edit the words that Meta doesn’t “like”) –

“I was in my 40’s when I first started to appreciate v- lvas and see mine as beautiful. Before then I had sort of ignored it, disregarded it, definitely did not pay attention to it. I had seen it as dirty, ugly and something to be ashamed of. I first had p in v s–x when I was 13 and even when I think about it now, I don’t think anyone could have convinced my younger self that I wasn’t ready. I think that was the first of many attempts for connection through sexual intimacy but I was always the pleaser, not the one being pleased. It took me being in a really dark place to prioritize pleasure and joy. I’m now 48, having the most satisfying and exciting s–x of my life and I know there’s still plenty of pleasure to be enjoyed!”

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