Pie 36

Peach pie with a vulva pie crust design, vulva colored with natural food colorings

Series 3/ Pie 36

4″ Peach Pie

Made from scratch with all butter crust

Hand sculpted pie crust art, colored with natural cocoa, extra brute cocoa, and freeze dried strawberries

Original Text from the Instagram Post:

Pie number 36

This is last pie of this series/ group. Many good conversations and connections happened over this batch of pies.

Censorship, intention, diversity, unity, celebration, bias, appreciation, and racism… are just a few topics that have bubbled up.

I am thankful that you are here sharing this space with me and for all of the passionate creators I’ve connected with through this work. You are all so inspiring! ♥️

About this pie: It’s common for the labia majora to be darker than the labia minora. Size of the labia also varies greatly, but I don’t remember anyone ever telling me this when I was growing up. We hear about penis size an awful lot though.

It’s a hand sculpted, from scratch, peach pie. Crust colors were made with natural cocoa powder, brute cocoa powder, and freeze dried strawberry powder.


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