Content Removed Pie 74

Pie 75 with a banner across it that says Content Removed. This was a vulva pie on a black background that was removed by Meta.

This is Pie 74.

The Original post that I made on December 19th, 2023 was removed around 11 PM on December 24th by the app.This is the 2nd sculpture that I have had removed in the 2.5 years of posting, which may seem like a good average considering what others have had happen to them.

In addition to removing my post, they kindly allowed me to appeal and then rejected the appeal within 1 minute (seems unlikely it that it was even considered.) They also sent me a copy of the rules for content and community standards and updated policies in case I needed to review them. As a sculptor, presenting sculptures to an 18+ only audience, I am in compliance.

The OP contained a story from the model that I collaborated with to create the image. (It can still be seen in The Window on my Website.) We need to see and hear the stories of others so that we can collectively stop feeling stigma and shame. Others need to see and hear these stories too so they can stop making ignorant comments and judgements when they see a body that does follow what they’ve seen before.

In everywhere and everything we need more love- both given and received.

original post

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