Cake 2, Top View

A top-down view of a very realistic boob cake sitting on a pink depression glass cake plate

6 inch 4 layer chocolate cake with Swiss meringue buttercream

Hand sculpted, covered with modeling chocolate

This cake was inspired by an event that played out on social media in July of 2021. Instead of tagging the artist on Instagram or mentioning the company here, I felt it more informative to link to this news article here where you can watch her video and link to the original video.

Escondido woman’s plea on TikTok goes viral after harassment during art contest

“A little skin. That’s all that’s going on for me. See I always tell you guys. It’s all about the middle of the video. So boobs always get a lot of views. This is true, I say it all the time. I’m here competing against boobs and it’s hard to compete against boobs on social media. No guy can compete against boobs,”

Aaron Roth, Arkon Mounts then VP