Are You Comfortable With Your Genitals?

Last week, Ruth Ramsay, adult sex educator and coach, UK erotic award winner, TedX speaker, and erotic expert featured my art in one of her articles covering the topic of becoming more comfortable with the appearance of genitals.

Ruth’s whole mission is to help people enjoy their bodies and their sex lives more because she knows that pleasure is one of the keys to our true happiness. She has seen many of her clients and audiences express concern over the appearance of their own genitals and feel discomfort, even repulsion at the sight. Her advice is to view more art that displays genitals!

Art Can Ease Your Discomfort Around Sex and Genitals

If Ruth Ramsay suggests looking at art as an entry point for becoming more comfortable looking at genitals and appreciating their appearance, know that it is sound advice! This is her whole life’s work.

Believe me, I know it sounds strange, but I have seen it work. In making genital art for the past two years, I have definitely become more at ease in seeing vulvas and have grown a true appreciation for all of the flaps and fold and the huge array of colors. Between you and me, I did NOT feel that way when I started.

I felt protective of vulvas and like I wanted to create a safe place, but I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable around genitals. Also in the article, Ruth suggests a path for expanding your comfort level, graduating from viewing my pies to more realistic depictions and so on. You’ll have to read the article to see it all and while you’re there, look at all of the other amazing article and her newsletter.

My Connection to Ruth

Full Disclosure, she in no way paid me to say any of this and I receive no compensation. I just met her on instagram through our mutual adoration of genital art and started talking to her more after my husband got her TedX Talk randomly in his YouTube feed!

SO, there you have it, now go read her article and get more comfortable with your genitals!

Link to “Essential Education from a Blueberry Pie”